Teaching Tradition and History over a meal

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Establishing our annual CCC Chinese New Year's Dinner while keeping our retirees, current firefighters, and future firefighters in touch with our friends and families.


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June 26, 2018 Firefighter Appreciation Game

     SF Giants vs Colorado Rockies 

June 10th, 2018 Firefighter Appreciation Game

     Oakland A's vs Kansas City Royals



Asian Firefighters of Contra Costa County



The Leadership

Embracing the Asian Culture in the American Fire Service

To share our life experiences with our friends, families, and future generations over a traditional 10 course Chinese New Year's meal in San Francisco during the annual parade.

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Asian Firefighter Association 

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The Asian Firefighter Association is an unofficial organization that was established to embrace cultural differences within the fire service and is open to ALL firefighters (future, present, and retirees).



Our Mission

Over 30 years ago the Chinese Firefighters Association was formed over a firehouse meal when Michael Mann (a non-Asian Firefighter) and the first Chinese-American Firefighter of Contra Costa County Doug Wong decided to get a bunch of firefighters together for a traditional Chinese New Year's dinner.

The tradition grew and the number of Chinese Firefighters in Contra Costa County has tripled in thirty years to three Chinese-American Firefighters.

The annual tradition of an annual Chinese New Year's dinner now includes over 100 members of the Fire Service Community, family, and friends.

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